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Agri-Business Thoughts:How to make money selling red worms

Exploring unique money making ideas can turn out to be a great thing to indulge in. selling
worms otherwise known as vemiculture is one such idea that can make you money if
approached with the right mind set. The best thing about rearing worms is that it does not
need much capital to start, with as low as Kshs. 5000 you can look at starting your own
worm farm. Red worms are specifically used for this.
Generally the worms are placed in a bed where they would enhance the process of
decomposition of waste product into organic manure. This is termed as vermicomposting.
Fast decomposition is achieved as per what the worms get as food; including coffee grind,
fruits, egg shells, vegetables. The waste from the worms is rich in nutrients necessary for
plant growth.
If you wish to make money rearing worms, first start by making a bed for your red worms. A
standard one measures 3 feet wide, 10 feet long and 6 feet off the ground. The best place
to place your bed would be behind your house if you have a decent kitchen garden space.
However, costs can be cut be cut by erecting the structure yourself. A kilo of red worms
goes for Kshs 1000; 3 kilos would be good for a start. The base of the bed should be littered
with small banana stems that allow for circulation before introducing your red worms. Put in
soil about 2 inches high; moisturize it with water making sure not to drench the bed. Spread
out the worms on the bed then cover with rotten and fresh plants. Organic waste from the
kitchen can be added in to enrich the final product. Watering the bed should be done at
least thrice a week depending on the humidity of the area.
A well-managed bed with 1 kilo of red worms will produce 2 kilos in a month and increase
exponentially over time. After three months the worms can be harvested for sale as they
will have multiplied. Waste from worms usually form the important foliar and manure, the
latter can be harvested after six months while good foliar only requires two months before
The bed would produce 20 kilos of worms during harvesting; the market price is usually Kshs
2500 per kilo. With good marketing, this would translate to Kshs 50,000 in the first three
months. After which you can set up another bed depending on the number you can
You can make money by selling the manure from the worm waste that come in both liquid
and solid form. In a moth a bed can produce 20 litres of foliar that goes for Kshs 100 in the
market. A kilo of solid waste costs Kshs 50. All these transpire into money within a short
span of 8 months. Regular harvesting of the organic wastes and worms would ensure a
steady flow of income.
The last aspect to ensure prosperity is finding a steady market for your product. Crop
farmers are the best to approach when it comes to organic manure; they can be sold to

physically by going door to door or advertising your worms on different social media
platforms. The same farmers can also be the ones to buy your worms in case they would
want to start vermicomposting. Progressively you can approach the big supermarkets that
will help you sell your products. Start a worm farm and make money now before the
market gets congested with other farmers.

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