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Chiya Guff: A tea talk

“Chiya Guff with an entrepreneur” is an interactive program designed to motivate all those youths who aspire to become an entrepreneur by conveying the persistent efforts of successful entrepreneurs. 

The first episode of this program with the collaborative support of YPARD Nepal and The Entrepreneurship Club (ERC) at Institute of Engineering Purwanchal Campus on 2nd February 2020. The chief guest of the program was Er. Sameer Shakya (Deputy Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering).

The guest speakers of the program Mr. Bibek Khatiwada the-CEO and Mr.Ramesh Thapa  Marketing head of the Nebula Food Production Pvt. Ltd respectively shared the journey they walked to be an entrepreneur.

Mr. Khatiwada's life experience was a source of inspiration for the participants. His self-confidence and his vision to be a successful entrepreneur make him a visionary. He started his entrepreneurship journey after graduating from B. Tech. in Food Technology.  The Nebula Food Production Pvt. Ltd is the result of the persistent effort of Mr. Khatiwada and his team. So far Nebula has a good market share. It has successfully opened its dealers in different parts of the country. From the eastern part of the country to the west, there is a good demand for their products. 

Mr. Khatiwada says,'' If you have a vision and will power you can achieve what you want in your life. The Nebula Food Company is a result of the specific and distinctive vision, hard works, teamwork, and patience.  He further added that patience is a virtue that leads to success. He said that " Our products had low demand during the starting periods. We even faced losses. Gradually we started gaining consumer trust for our products. We are generating good profit margins too.” He explained that success is possible if you faced and overcome the complicated ordeal.

 Tea TalkMr. Thapa started his session sharing his journey from a rural and underdeveloped hillside village ‘Bhojpur’ to Dharan a well-developed city of Nepal. He added that the struggle he faced initially during pig farming and the losses he incurred during opening a tea stall due to fire further motivated him to put on more efforts. He was disgraced to share the unwillingness of the government to provide an incentive to the entrepreneurs. We have good policies to support and motivate entrepreneurs but are limited to papers. The government is lacking the effort to execute them. Bureaucratic hurdles still exist in the country. The challenges he faced while promoting the sausages as a safe and hygienic product among the people in areas such as Bhedetar was the most inspiring part of his session.

Mr. Thapa further added, "Marketing is an art”. Anyone can be an artist having a good sense of humour, speaking quality, and convincing will power. People want to get an advantage from your products so it's your job to let them know what your products will benefit them. I have faced problems selling sausage in my starting days. People would often say the sausage is made of rotten meats. Sausages were new to them in those days. But now the demand for the product exceed the supply capacity.''

Nepal has got many successful entrepreneurs.  A huge number of seminars and workshop has been organized in different parts of the country on entrepreneurship. A huge number of companies have been increasing day by day. The government of Nepal has been encouraging the youth in their own startup. The world is running at a fast pace and everyone wishes to work for his own rather than working under another. This era is the era of entrepreneurs.

Photo credit: Adarsha Khatiwada

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