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EduMala as a Turning Point

I heard a story about life which is like a road and you need to walk alone. Other may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. Let's imagine about the opportunity, when someone guides you to make things as easy as possible. You will be thrilled, right?

I feel myself a very fortune girl to be selected in Youth Professional for Agricultural Development (YPARD) Nepal working team. The more happiness was when we were being provided an online cum offline platform “EduMala Mentoring Program” which was significant to develop the potential what should we have to be more professional and move ahead with positive attitudes.

EduMala taught me a lot of things which I had never considered but counts a lot in our professional life. I realized that, we have academic knowledge and qualification but only having this is not enough; to have a good negotiation skill, formal writing style, a study based on research, organize any event in perfect way etc. is what we need after getting academic degree. The degree is just a back support but not all and everything.

We learnt from videos, presentations and other means of sharing. The more stressing factor in this program that it was interactive within mentees and also between mentees to mentors and vice-versa. Mentors never regarded themselves as higher to us rather created such an environment in which we can ask any queries freely. I must praise and be thankful for all the mentors for being so loyal and responding every mentee particularly.

Though it was more based on agriculture, the same ideas can be applied in other field as well. Learning never has any boundary and not limited to any particular subject. I learnt how to apply those in my legal field too. Since, I always seek to empower women by making them able to know about their right and fight for justice. 

It explored how one can be the best researcher, event manager, build public relation, and also to ensure the quality of food along with these one can have knowledge of laws relating to agriculture. EduMala helped to bring a positive change in our thought, skill, perception, attitude and sense of our responsibility. Due to these changes, I regard Edumala as a turning point in my professional life.

However, it would rather be better if it becomes more interactive among mentees. What I found during the time of session that only few of us were sharing our ideas, views and opinion regarding the topic of discussion. So, it would be more interactive, if a commitment is made by the mentees before the selection or made mandatory by mentors to be a part of interaction. For instance, giving a task of making slides on any topic for one and letting other to comment on that content. It can be done either in group or on individual basis, well those are my suggestion!

Finally, I know the significant contribution of those mentors which cannot sufficiently be described in words but also I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude. I find a difference on “what I was” and “what I am” and want to give credit to YPARD Nepal.


Photo Courtesy: YPARD Nepal

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Tuesday, 30 May 2023

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