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Gaining skills, sharing knowledge and building networks

This was the motto of the International Seminar for leaders of rural youth work in "Herrsching am ammersee" in Bavaria, Munich-Germany 2019.

Almost 80 young professionals from almost 50 countries around the world attended this seminar, where they shared with each other their knowledge and experiences. At the same time, they worked together to gain Leadership knowledge and skills. They also discussed some of the future challenges of rural development, the possible solutions and the contribution that young people should give in this direction. It was a pleasure for me to be part of this seminar, from which I acquire a lot of knowledge and I learned by listening to the other’s experiences, by attending workshops, excursions, and varied programs. 

"Give and Take"

…Our interactions with others hold the key to success…, says Adam Grant in his book Give and Take.

Something like that I saw happening in this seminar, where new professional give and take with each other in many aspects. I saw them sharing their experiences and listening to the experiences of others, they shared the information they had and received information from others, give their views on various issues and challenges and get opinions from others about the same things, etc. Also at this seminar, I saw the creation of professional links between participants of mutual interest, numerous friendships, email address and phone numbers exchanges for any possible future collaboration, but also to stay in touch with each other, to share opinions, ideas, and knowledge in the future.

YPARD at Herrsching International Seminar 2019

YPARD Albania and YPARD Ghana were present at this seminar and were represented respectively by representatives of both countries, Bledar Meta for Albania and Kafui Agbe for Ghana, we both hold a presentation for YPARD. 

In this presentation, the participants were informed about the YPARD, its mission, objectives and the work that has been done so far. The purpose of this presentation was to promote YPARD among the participants and motivate them to be part of the YPARD network around the world, and to share the information with their friends and others interested in joining YPARD.

I Bledar and Kafui also prepared a Pin Board with info about YPARD and place it in the main lobby of the workshop where it could be viewed by all, to attract and inform as many participants as possible. Also, we answered the various questions and interests that the participants had about the YPARD.

Picture credit: Bledar Meta

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