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Online game changer course in sustainability

“I will breathe no matter what; the question is whether the human will breathe or not. I leave this decision up to you” – the message to Humanity from Mother Earth, commonly known as COVID-19.

Thus, what will be our choice?

That was one of the questions we discussed during our small group meetings as part of the “Game Changer Course” organized by Pachamama Alliance. A not-for-profit organization based in the United States and Ecuador that works with indigenous people of the Amazon to preserve the rainforest and their way of life. Using insights from that work, Pachamama Alliance partners with people in the modern world who are dedicated to creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. The Game Changer course covers 8 modules about climate change, democracy, social justice, and so on. It touches both – personal, describing qualities of game changer and principles of spiritual leadership and systemic levels by presenting different movements that currently exist and explaining how everyone can be involved in and by underlining that the actual change is possible only due to the interconnection and combined actions.

One of these movements is drawdown, the point in time when greenhouse gases peak and begin to go down on a year to year basis. The community of scientists evaluated the impact of 100 solutions to reduce CO2 emission in order to reverse global warming. They also calculated the costs and benefits of its implementation and gave an approximate time-frame. You would be really surprised what came out as the results of the top solutions towards global warming reverse and the four levels on which these solutions can be implemented. Besides, you will also find a food calculator and understand how much CO2 release costs your dinner!

The course Game Changer is interactive, it contains a lot of videos by main players of the sector and materials for reading, useful websites, links to go deeper and curious facts for your delight. Besides the updated, synthetic and valuable materials, it offers the opportunity to connect with other participants during community life-calls and weekly small group meetings. During the group gatherings, you can share your ideas, discuss topical questions and, most important, meet people from across the globe, connect with them, enrich each other and dive into this journey of change together. The life gathering gives you an idea of what projects towards a more sustainable and justice world are performed in different countries, get insights, a-ha moments, feel inspired and optimistic about the change which is possible. 

The course is online, the materials are released on a weekly base, but you can organize your own schedule. The main thing that personally I liked about this course is that it doesn’t aim to bring you into panic, anxiety and depression, instead, it’s a story of solutions, of grounded optimism, which empowered and inspires you for actions. Interesting to take part in? – Enroll in the next intensive starting in June at

If you were waiting for a better time, it came! It seems that it’s a perfect period to reflect on the way humanity communicates with nature (honestly, abuses it), on our spiritual base and value system. During the time of isolation, CO2 emissions dropped down making possible for nature to take a break. Surprisingly, the virus affects people’s ability to breathe. Is it just a coincidence or is it a sign that you won’t breathe until you let others do so? No one knows the answer, but everyone can ponder it. 

Maybe, nowadays is the exact moment to stop waiting until some magical government/ authority/ super-hero comes and saves the world, but take responsibility and implement small actions to achieve together the better future we all deserve and would like to leave in? 

“Tell me what are you going to do with your only wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver "Summer Day"

Picture credit: Pachamama Alliance

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