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Welcoming YPARD Grenada country representative: Bevon Chadel Charles

We are delighted to welcome the YPARD Grenada representative, Bevon Chadel Charles

Bevon is a passionate agriculture enthusiast, farmer and active entrepreneur. She is CEO and Founder of Akata Farms an integrated self-sustainable farm located in Grenada. Akata Farms though in its early stages aims at strengthening Grenada's export capacity, to end hunger and develop a sustainable agricultural sector. Her interests not only lie in developing a robust entrepreneurial sphere in Grenada and the Caribbean but also creating solutions to the agriculture and manufacturing industries in her country. She believes Grenada has the opportunities to sustain its self while at the same time achieving its national sustainable development goals, ending hunger and poverty, growing rural communities that will, in turn, enhance the livelihoods of its people and maximizing global markets. ICT, innovations in hydroponics, freight farming, AI Technology, Protein engineering and Nanotechnology as it regards to improving agricultural production and food security are also some of the fields of research and implementation she is working on. 

Bevon apart from her intensive entrepreneurial and business development background also has an extensive education and training acumen. She studied international business and marketing at the St. George’s University (SGU) in Grenada, Social Sciences from TA. Marry show Community College (TAMC) and has several certifications in Sustainable Development, Finance, Communication, Agriculture and Land Management from Coursera. Her aptitude for personal development enabled her to be one of 14 Caribbean Entrepreneurs to be chosen for the Caribbean Youth Entrepreneur Programme

Bevon has worked closely with many organisations and entities to foster rapid change in addressing the agricultural sector in Grenada. 

“There need to be stronger agriculture cooperatives, a unified farmer’s network that encapsulate all stakeholders. To bridge the gap between youth and agriculture, there must be opportunities for growth and development. Farmers need access to lands, which must be accessible. They need available resources and funding and development of markets“. 

As the new YPARD Grenada representative Bevon expresses that her main objective is to create a platform and space for youth agriculture enthusiasts, farmers and professionals alike so they can have round table discussions and create action plans to increase the number of youth farmers and opportunities in Grenada. There is a growing demand for youth in agriculture and there must be action taken to strengthen their contributions and sustainability.  “I will be using my network to communicate the opportunities available for our future agricultural professionals“. 

I plan to increase the YPARD community and membership in Grenada by using my affiliations with SGU, TAMCC, and the  OECS just to name a few. There will be weekly discussions, organising workshops, creating campaigns and forums geared at engaging young driven entrepreneurs and students across the Tri-Island State of Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique, to get actively involved in agriculture, food security, Sustainable Development Goals, rural and community development and climate change as it affects Grenada- Bevon Chadel Charles.

Bevon is excited and determined to take on this new role as the representative for YPARD Grenada. We express our profound gratitude to Bevon for taking up this leadership into the country chapter.

Welcome on board Bevon Chadel Charles!!!

If you are from or based in Grenada, and want to get involved in YPARD Grenada activities, please contact Bevon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Picture credit: Bevon Chadel Charles

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Wednesday, 21 February 2024

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