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YPARD China representative’s visit to YPARD Coordination Unit, Rome

YPARD China representative, Jieying Bi, came to visit YPARD Global Coordination Unit at the occasion of her attending to the conference on International Scientific Symposium on Food and Nutrition Security Information, FAO, January 2012.

Jieying Bi is research assistant at CAAS. She was nominated YPARD China representative by the end of 2011. Bi has worked on having an active China focal point with two students, completing their Masters, who are building up the YPARD China community. They are doing this through different key topics in ARD, such as agricultural economics and biotechnology.

Jieying Bi introduced Dr. Fengying Nie, the director of international division of Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS to YPARD CU in Rome. Dr.Nie expressed her strong interest in YPARD and asserted her support to welcome and host YPARD China office.

The director expressed that there is need for a platform where the different stakeholders involved in ARD could work on activities together, on selected specific subjects. There is also a need to associate with organisations across different domains of expertise (i.e: agro-economics) and link with international experts. All together, we need to think of the future of agriculture. Young professionals must also think of their careers. Sharing ideas and experience can help young people grow as individuals and partners.

YPARD is a platform which offers such opportunity. We need to spread the word that such a structure exists and is available for you, young professionals in ARD!

YPARD China will organise a Young Scientist conference during 2012, in CAAS, Beijing. This event would be based on two main topics: one focusing on a major agricultural issue and another one about the youth role in ARD. It will also be a chance to talk more about YPARD and promote our activities on different levels. Such event could be organized regularly and progressively become international, in order to facilitate more interaction among regions. YPARD is also planning to develop an online space on the website for each country to generate more discussions among YPs in ARD on national levels.

YPARD China is building up!

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