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YPARD India Working Group Constituted

In response to the call for participation in the YPARD India working group given on, a good number of applications were received and out of them, 15 candidates were selected based on their expression of interest, insight on youth and agriculture and commitment for YPARD.

The members of YPARD India working group are: Aditya, Amjad, Jitender,  Jyotsna, Muthuveeran, Natalia, Pardeep, Prabhat, Pradipta, Priyanka, Rizvan, Seweta, Subash, Vikas and Yash. This working group is a diversified group with an average age of the group is 31 years with a range from 22 to 37 and having the representation of agriprenuers, farmers, project coordinators, scientists and students.

Considering that India counts the largest number of members on, this working group would reach out to all the stakeholders involved with agriculture and working for agricultural research for development.

YPARD network is growing world wide and in the Asia Pacific region, with the very active participation from the countries like Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Srilanka and Vietnam, the members of YPARD would be working with much gusto for Agricultural Research for Development in the Asia Pacific region and in all regions of the world.

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Friday, 29 September 2023

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