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YPARD Serbia: Exploring the views – organic farmers

One of YPARD Serbia’s mission is to strive and connect young farmers and students in agriculture, facing problems and trying to find a feasible solution.

After many interviews with young professionals in agriculture, there was one highlighted challenge as the most important – market access. YPARD Serbia is contributing to solving this problem step by step. The first action was connecting with the association “Probaj domace” (Try homemade product), that made a path for two young farmers and introduce them to a wider market. Read more about it here.

With the attempt to continue this mission, YPARD Serbia attended on the 17th December a very interesting conference in Belgrade focused on the thematic of “Rural development and agriculture – young entrepreneurs”. Among other activities and interesting part of the conference was dedicated to the company “Jovanjica” - (a company that produces and distribute organic foods and product) who shared their mission “to provide full support to producers who have decided to be professionally engaged in organic farming.

Their support is designed so that it includes all stages of organic production, certification, from material acquisition and support to the purchase and placement of products to end customers“. Organic production is growing in Serbia, as well as the interest of young people in it.

Therefore, YPARD Serbia has made a connection “friendship” with the company “Jovanjica” so that young farmers and students – members of YPARD Serbia can be introduced with a developed system of organic producing such as “Jovanjica” has been striving to do. Mr. Nebojsa Djurdjevic from this company has shown kindness and openness to YPARD Serbia’s members and the youth that YPARD is connected to, so we are looking forward to the new partnership and new projects.

It may not seem like much, but it is important to note the importance of a good connection. Why? Because, besides the lack of market access, young farmers are in lack of information. What’s the first step in agriculture production, where to find recourses, who to ask, where to look, whom to sell to? All these questions are asked by future young farmers in the very begging of farming. Giving the right answers is the most important task to YPARD Serbia. Making this, in some way friendship, and hopefully, soon the partnership will open one more door to young farmers interested in organic production.

Picture credits: CEDEM

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