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YPARD-GFRAS Joint Operational Plan for 2021-2025

This Operational Plan is built on a common vision and mission for both GFRAS and YPARD given that both global networks work towards advancing agri-food systems that ensure sustainable livelihoods through supporting specific actors. More specifically, YPARD and GFRAS seek to ensure that young people and rural advisory services respectively, fully contribute towards innovative agri-food systems.

Guided by their joint vision and mission, building on the assets of both organisations, and responding to future trends and challenges, key activities for the next five-year period have been identified and assessed.
This Plan presents the various activity clusters, organised according to the key strategic fields of GFRAS and YPARD, articulated as to how they support the overall goals of both organisations. This structure allows for the networks and country fora/chapters to add new activities to the clusters throughout the years, as their plans are adapted, and when additional funding becomes available.

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