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AgriChallenge premiers on DSTV on March 12

This article was first posted at Ghanaweb.

The Livingfields AgriChallenge is set to premiere on Citi TV and DStv channel 363 on 12th March 2020. The agricultural reality show will be on Citi TV on Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

Livingfields AgriChallenge is a graduate in farming initiative by RMG Ghana Ltd. The program is a corporate social responsibility endeavor that aims to make the youth accept farming as a viable business venture and also train and equip the farmer with skills to be able to develop their own businesses

The AgriChallenge

12 trainees have been admitted to the program in Asutsuare, Eastern region. The Livingfields AgriChallenge has been implemented to create teamwork and competition for the graduate trainees to be effective and productive on the field. Graduate trainees will be put into 4 groups from which each group is expected to undertake a specific crop production. Trainees have been oriented on the production process and best agronomic practices of each of the crops; land preparation, planting, harvesting, marketing, finance, etc. Each group is tasked to develop and present a business pitch on their production to attract funding.

The entire process has been documented in 13 episodes to be aired on the various media platforms, notably television and social media. Each episode is been designed to educate the audience of basic agronomic practices that can be applied on the farm or practiced at home.

Sustainable Impact

The challenge is creating a convivial environment for youth development in the agribusiness value chain. The capacity-building endeavor seeks to impact about 500 youth by the year 2025. Beneficiaries will also have the opportunity of setting up their own agribusinesses with the prize packages being offered with continuous agronomic and market support from RMG Ghana Ltd. The prospects of job creation through this program are estimated at 5,000 direct and indirect jobs and career prospects.

The program will also contribute to food security through the provision of quality vegetables in the first cohort. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of reducing poverty, hunger and promoting responsible consumption and production. A total of 100 acres of land is available for cultivation with 12 acres being used with a potential revenue of about GHS 20,000 per acre per season.
Lessons from the AgriChallenge will also be shared extensively with our audience on television and on social media. The Livingfields AgriChallenge has been shot into 13 episodes to be aired on CitiTV, DStv 363 and on YouTube. The shoot includes agricultural education, pitching, market research, business development, agronomy. Other excerpts will be aired on United Televsion’s Ayekoo program. All episodes will be uploaded onto Livingfields AgriChallenge’s YouTube channel.

Prizes up for grabs

The team that emerges winners of the Livingfields AgriChallenge will take a total prize package of GHS 100,000. This includes a cash prize of GHS 20,000 and input packages (seeds, fertilizer and crop protection products) from RMG Ghana for the team to begin production on their own.

The second prize comprises a total of GHS 60,000. This includes a cash prize of GHS 10,000 and input packages from RMG Ghana Ltd.

The 3rd prize is made up of GHS 25,000 with a cash prize component of GHS 5,000 and input packages.

The final prize is input packages from RMG Ghana Ltd. to the tune of GHS 15,000.

There are also trip packages to Germany, South Africa, and the Royal Senchi Hotel and Resort, Ghana. Other amazing prizes from sponsors have been set to reward other special efforts on the AgriChallenge.

The Livingfields AgriChallenge is a corporate social responsibility of RMG Ghana Ltd. The company focuses on giving back to society through education and human resource development. Resources and funding will be provided by RMG Ghana Ltd in terms of seeds, fertilizer, crop production products (CPPs), agronomic and technical training. Partners to this project are faculty members from Academia, Marketing, and Banking.

This article was first posted at Ghanaweb.