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About KWS

KWS is one of the world's leading plant breeding companies. With the tradition of family ownership, KWS has operated independently for more than 160 years. It focuses on plant breeding and the production and sale of seed for corn, sugar beet, cereals, potato, rapeseed, sunflowers and vegetables. KWS uses leading-edge plant breeding methods. 5,700 employees represent KWS in more than 70 countries.

BioMed X is an independent research institute located on the campus of the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Together with our partners, we identify big biomedical research challenges and provide creative solutions by combining global crowdsourcing with local incubation of the world’s brightest early-career research talents. Each of the highly diverse research teams at BioMed X has access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure and is continuously guided by experienced mentors from academia and industry. At BioMed X, we combine the best of two worlds - academia and industry - and enable breakthrough innovation by making biomedical research more efficient, more agile, and more fun.

The main objective of the research group TMI, headed by Dr. Kyungbo Kim, is to discover novel transport mechanisms in the human intestinal tract which could be utilized for oral-systemic delivery of diverse therapeutic modalities (e.g., peptides, oligonucleotides, and antibodies). Studies will involve screening ligands, generating intestinal organoids from murine and human subjects, isolating intestinal cells, and creating a co-culture system. The project's cores are to develop a ligand specific for a target cell and establish quantitative assessment methods to monitor macromolecular drug delivery across the intestinal epithelial barrier. Our final goal is to create a novel delivery platform, which can be utilized for the development of a new generation of oral immunotherapies to benefit patients.

For students of Czech Universities, who are interested in a long-term collaboration with MSD IT. 

Did you always want to work in a company where your work can have a real impact? Do you enjoy working in an international environment with lots of room for personal development? Are you ready to join a company where we cherish Diversity and Inclusion and the wellbeing of our employees?

Tridge is seeking to identify and recruit a world-class Trade & Engagement Manager(“TEM”), the pillar of Tridge’s global trade ecosystem, in the Food & Agriculture industry.

TEMs are the communication bridge between suppliers, buyers, and Tridge. As a key trading & sales representative of Tridge, you will deliver our mission of creating a safe and efficient global trade ecosystem. As the operator of supplier and buyer engagement, you will facilitate communications and lay the foundation of successful trade deals.

The African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) is soliciting the services of a qualified and experienced Communications and Engagement Media Junior Expert (Consultant) to support the communication function and therefore contribute to the achievement of the AFAAS goals and objectives. The assignment shall initially be for six months (06) effective August up to January 2022, renewable based on performance, need and availability of funding. 


icipe is seeking to appoint an outstanding scientist to fill the position of Head of Capacity Building and Institutional Development Unit. The position is tenable in Nairobi at the icipe Duduville campus. The position will be offered for an initial contract of 3 years, renewable subject to continued project needs, funding for the position, and performance of the staff member. A competitive and generous compensation package that includes housing and transport allowances, education allowance, comprehensive health and life insurance cover, and an offshore retirement package (all payable in US Dollars), will be offered to the right candidate. Furthermore, the incumbent will receive paid annual vacation and return airfare for themselves and their dependents to their nominated home base each year. If the successful candidate is appointed from outside Kenya, he or she will be offered support to relocate and settle in Nairobi. Qualified candidates from Africa (and especially females) are invited to apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be acknowledged.

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Syngenta is one of the world's leading companies with more than 28.000 employees in over 90 countries dedicated to our purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. Through world-class science, global reach and commitment to our customers we help to increase crop productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life. For more information about us please go to

Syngenta Flowers seeks a motivated candidate for a full-time position of:

Syngenta is one of the global market leaders in the agri business with more than 28,000 employees in more than 90 countries and focuses on sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. Through worldwide knowledge and the connection with our customers, we contribute to increasing crop production, protecting the environment and improving health and quality of life. For more information, visit

Syngenta Flowers in De Lier is looking for a motivated full-time employee:

About Syngenta:

Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. Through world class science and innovative crop solutions, our 28,000 people in over 90 countries are working to transform how crops are grown. We are committed to rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity and revitalizing rural communities.

Syngenta is one of the world's leading companies with more than 28.000 employees in over 90 countries dedicated to our purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. Through world-class science, global reach and commitment to our customers we help to increase crop productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life. For more information about Syngenta please go to

Company: Syngenta Global

The Financial Service provides lump-sum financial aid to UNIGE and HES-SO Geneva students whose income is insufficient to enable them to carry out their studies in decent living conditions that are conducive to their success. These grants allow students to continue and complete their studies under acceptable conditions.

Category 1 : annual income between CHF 10,000 and CHF 14,999. The amount granted is CHF 800 per month (+ exemption from tutoring tax, CHF 65 instead of CHF 500) for a UNIGE student and CHF 950 for a HES-SO student.

A five-year research post is offered at the Fisheries Research station of the Agricultural center for cattle, grassland, dairy, game and fisheries of Baden-Württemberg (LAZBW) in Langenargen, Germany.

?River engineering works, such as water power plants or alterations for flood control, heavily impact freshwater ecosystems and fish populations. In addition, climate change, new fish diseases, and invasive species offer further challenges to native fish stocks. For these reasons, it is becoming more and more challenging to conserve or establish self-sustaining populations of highly endangered fish species but also to preserve relatively intact fish stocks at natural levels that support fisheries and maintain ecosystem functions. It is thus imperative to identify and rank effective and long-lasting fisheries management options.

‘Microbiome-mediated functions of avian preen glands: understanding the chemosignalling and antimicrobial potentials’:

Birds are inhabited by communities of micro-organisms, that fulfil beneficial functions for their hosts. Some scientists therefore propose that animals should not be considered as animals, but as meta-organisms – obligate symbiotic life forms of animals with their micro-organisms. Until recently, most attention has focused on gut microbes. This project will investigate which micro-organisms live in preen glands of birds, from different angles. Using metagenomic approaches to address the microbiome, we will investigate how and if these micro-organisms produce chemosignalling and antimicrobial substances. We will further verify whether these micro-organisms and their chemical metabolites contribute to the communication between birds and to the antimicrobial protection of their plumage – through preening of feathers. Moreover, the project will experimentally evaluate associations between preen gland, oral cavity, feathers and gut microbiomes. We expect to find clear and robust associations between microbial functions and life history strategies of birds.

The Department of Ethology and Companion Animal Science, Czech University of Life Sciences seeks for a postdoctoral scientist with strong research interest in mathematical modelling of animal social behaviour. The successful candidate will develop, in the research group of Marek Špinka, a conceptual and mathematical model linking proximate mechanisms, ontogenetic development and evolutionary dynamics of animal play behaviour.

The mathematical model will be developed along the following lines:

The Animal Production and Health Division (NSA) promotes and facilitates the sustainable development of the livestock sector, integrating scientific and technical expertise and policy advice. It hosts technical networks in area of animal health, genetics, feed and animal husbandry and provides analysis, policy dialogue (incl. intergovernmental bodies) and technical assistance. It also supports emergency responses, mostly in animal health. FAO's global effort on One Health is involves multiple divisions and the decentralised and national offices, with overall co-ordination through the Joint Centre for Zoonoses and AMR (CJWZ), with the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) being both the Director of the Joint Centre and Leader of the Animal Health Programme (NSAH).

The post is located in the Animal Health Service (NSAH). The FAO Animal Health Service (NSAH) is primarily concerned with aspects related to the prevention, detection and timely response to health threats of animal origin (zoonotic diseases, transboundary animal diseases, production diseases, diseases of wildlife, arthropod-borne diseases, food safety, antimicrobial resistance) that affect public health or efficiencies, sustainable livestock production and conservation efforts. NSAH capacity development work ensures the strengthening of veterinary systems at national and regional level and bridges agriculture development, public health and ecosystem health.

The European Commission for the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease (EuFMD) plays a significant role in the animal health part of FAO’s programme to increase resilience of livelihoods to food and agriculture threats and crises (SO5).

The EuFMD is an Article XIV body responsible to its Member Nations and donors to deliver an extensive work programme on FMD emergency preparedness, response and control, to its 39 Member Nations, to a further 20 European neighbourhood countries, and to other regions through its arrangement with FAO decentralized offices. Most recently, the HOLD-FAST strategy continues the focus upon Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) risk reduction but extends the scope of the preparedness and risk reduction activities to similar Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) which pose an immediate threat to the Member Nations (hereafter FAST is used for Foot-and-mouth and similar transboundary animal diseases). Full details are available in the EuFMD work programme.

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