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Meet YPARD Mentee : Aralova Dildora

Aralova Dildora grew up on the city where its usually isolated from the real farm life and  for a long time, she had no idea on  farming and the challenges of harsh desert zone conditions that farmers faced during the sowing period in Central Asia.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science, Aralova  sought to get better knowledge on environment by enrolling in a Master in Science on same subject at Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan.At the same time,Aralova started her research collaboration with  Prof. Kristina Toderich (International Center of Biosaline Agriculture, Tashkent office) where her life turned right away. 

Position: Senior researcher and PhD student, Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan

Education:Masters in Environmental Science,Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan

Country: Uzbekistan

Aralova business idea revolves around Ecosystem-based adaptation of Central Asian Rangelands and woman farmers role to resilience of climate change with specific regard to land degradation. The core idea of her business project focusses on farmers’ spouses who are working on farming and most of them have available free time during the winter period. The scope idea is to develop a strategic plan to make an alliance between rural women and restore handicraft products in the remote areas of the country as well as getting access to market.

Through this project, she hopes to develop a business plan for them to restore old-forgot handmade product such as carpet knotting and utilise livestock wool. Craft of tying knots in yarn or string to make carpets or other decorative items with wool is one of the treasure products.
Producing these goods will give women more opportunity to create open market access and make busy schedule of unemployed levels of women.

“My expectations from this program is to contribute to raising incomes of the rural woman society and to give them brilliant ideas about further impacts of their activity for developing natural resources through assisting and teaching them to develop their own projects. Under this program I would like to give them opportunity to develop their ability under my leading skills. “