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YPARD Monthly Newsletter-August

Our Annual Report for 2018 is out!

2018 was a strategic year at YPARD that saw a lot of changes to the network’s strategic orientation. We are proud to look back at the successes and exciting initiatives the network took part in.

15 latest developments in the revised YPARD Charter

In the spring of 2018, select YPARDians came together at the Czech University of Life Sciences to deliberate on the strategic direction YPARD should take. Part of those discussions centred on the governance structure of YPARD and the dire need for a governance review as highlighted in the YPARD 2017 external review. Discover the latest developments on the YPARD Charter.


Welcoming the new YPARD Steering Committee Chair and Vice Chair

At YPARD, we believe in structures that renew themselves and leadership that evolves. In April 2019, the YPARD Steering Committee (SC)  met to choose the next SC team members. Meet the YPARD SC chair Rahul Antao and vice-chair Sithembile Mwamakamba and the new steering committee members too.

Welcoming a new YPARD Steering Committee member: Keron Bascombe


Welcoming a new YPARD Steering Committee member: Sebastian Pedraza Paez


Welcoming a new YPARD Steering Committee member: Lako Mbouendeu Stephane


Welcoming YPARD Brazil country representative: Marina Demaria Venâncio


Welcoming YPARD Azerbaijan country representative: Parviz Yusifov


Welcoming YPARD Kenya Representative: Phidel Hazel Arunga


YPARD présente : Borice Efoua Aba'a, le représentant de YPARD au Gabon


Welcoming the Communication Focal Person for YPARD Rwanda



Creating opportunities for rural youth: The moment, the challenges and the future

YPARD Kenya member, Emily Ongus, represented YPARD at the recently launched 2019 Rural Development Report on rural development by the International Fund for Agricultural Development ( IFAD ). The focus of the report was on creating opportunities for rural youth.

Shining the YPARD light at the FAO conference Youth side event

On the sidelines of the annual FAO Conference 41st session, a youth event dubbed Real Action on Youth – Driving the Future of Agriculture was organized. The event aimed at giving the attendees a clear understanding of what policy actions are needed on Youth, as well as ideas of ways in which a Youth Council could be mobilized as a resource to contribute meaningfully to their work.

YPARD representation at the Rome Based Agencies Youth Council

YPARD Global Coordination Unit nominated Jim Cano to represent YPARD in the newly formed Youth Council among the Rome Based Agencies. The Youth Council aims to be a valuable resource to the Rome-Based Agencies ( FAO, WFP and IFAD ) in the form of an inclusive, youth-led advisory team that champions practical innovations and policies focused on the unique needs and strengths of young people in agriculture globally.

Leveraging global experiences for Africa’s agricultural development

For African youth taking their MSc and PhD programs in the University of Wageningen, one of the important questions, which have been shaped by their increasingly globalized experiences, is how to best contribute to the fast-changing agricultural sector in Africa. This is a guiding question that underpins the organization of a one-day seminar by the United Community of African Students (UCAS) at the University of Wageningen of which the YPARD director was in attendance.

YPARD representation at the TAP Capacity Development Expert Group

In a bid to ensure diverse representation of young people in various executive meetings and committees, the Global Coordination Unit has nominated Flor as the YPARD representative in the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) the Capacity Development expert group. TAP is a coalition of more than 40 global, regional and national partners, coming from the G20 and other countries and works to contribute to the development of national capacities in agricultural innovation in the tropics.

Driving the food agenda: partnerships for a common goal

To enable young professionals as key influencers that drive sustainable food systems is a key role of YPARD as a global youth network. For this reason, YPARD interacts with different organizations that drive sustainable food agenda through their works. The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) and the European Alliance on Agricultural Knowledge for Development (Agrinatura) are two of YPARD’s partner that fall into this category. From 13th – 17th May 2019, through the support of the TAP secretariat, the YPARD director joined the Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) International Forum, the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) Capacity Development Expert Group Meeting and the Agrinatura General Assembly in Belgium.


Charter of YPARD | Revised and Updated July 2019

The YPARD Charter defines the scope, rules and the roles of YPARD. This third version of the Charter was democratically approved by members and the YPARD Steering Committee and incorporates some suggestions made by the 2017 external review and 2018 strategic planning meeting. It hopes to incorporate the vision and spirit of young professionals from all over the globe who voiced their concerns and needs in various founding meetings that led to the shaping of YPARD.

YPARD 2018 annual report

Have a look at the YPARD’s 2018 annual report to grasp all the year's YPARD activities, on local, national, regional and global levels.

2019 Rural Development Report. Creating opportunities for rural youth

IFAD is sharpening its focus on rural youth and targeting a dramatic increase in the number of young people trained in income-generating activities or business management. This report is based on substantive evidence and attempts to provide the kind of analysis that can inform policies, programmes and investments to promote a rural transformation that is inclusive of youth. It examines who rural youth are, where they live, and the multiple constraints they face in their journey from dependence to independence.

Agribusiness 4 change international conference report

The Agribusiness 4 Change conference was organized from 7 to 8 May 2019 in Addis Ababa, followed by 4 concurrent field trips on 9th May 2019. During the keynote panel Agribusiness 4 Change, the YPARD and Dr. Godfrey Bahiigwa, Director at the Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union, exchanged on Visions, gaps and action needed with regard to youth in agriculture and agribusiness. The active role of youth and how to harness the energy of youth via participation in existing platforms and policies were the most discussed.