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YPARD Monthly Newsletter - August/September

YPARD Member among the winners of the 2018 Maize-Asia Youth Innovators Awards 

Meet Dinesh Panday one of the winners of the inaugural Maize-Asia Youth Innovators Awards. The awards aim at recognizing the contributions of innovative young women and men who can inspire fellow young people to get involved with maize-based research, change agency and farming.

Welcoming the YPARD Switzerland representatives: Caroline Otto and Marnie Pannatier

We are delighted to welcome the new YPARD Switzerland representatives Caroline Otto and Marnie Pannatier. Caroline is a graduate with an MSc in plant molecular biology from ETH Zurich while Marnie holds a Master degree in sustainable development from Utrecht University.


YPARD Chela: An expression of YPARD Café the Peruvian way

On July 20th, 2018 YPARD Peru held a cafe session with the main objective of bringing together young people interested in the topics the chapter addresses such as rural and agricultural development.

YPARD Chela: Intercambio de experiencias, sumando al desarrollo agrario

El pasado 20 de julio el equipo de YPARD Perú decidió llevar a cabo una nueva versión de los YPARD Café que se habían organizado años pasados. Nuestro principal objetivo era reunir a las y los jóvenes que estén interesados en las temáticas que abordamos como ruralidad y desarrollo agrario, para que ellos y ellas intercambien las experiencias en las que han participado y compartan qué podemos replicar como equipo YPARD.

A conversation on climate smart agriculture in Nepal

On August, 26th, 2018, YPARD Nepal gathered twenty-five young agriculture students at the premises of Agriculture and Forestry University for a discussion aiming to generate innovative ideas on how agricultural practices can help young people adapt with the changing climate.


A brighter future: Youth engagement along agricultural value chains

Several stakeholders have called for engagement of youth within the agricultural sector. However, the prevalent challenges outweigh the number of stakeholders calling reaching out to the youth. YPARD Nigeria member, Majid Tokurah, shares his reflections after attending the recent Feed Nigeria Summit which provided an opportunity for participants to come together to discuss and present ways to attain and ensure sustainable growth, enhance productivity, collaboration and foster partnerships to boost the sector.

Inclusive value-chain development: Place for women and youth

The YPARD Ukraine country representative was part of the panellists at the recent FAO, ITC and WTO regional workshop on building inclusive value chains in light of small-holder producers. She shares with us the outcomes from the session proceedings.

Young people revaluing rural gastronomy

YPARD Peru representative, Flor Rivera, recently served as a jury member of the gastronomic contest and reports on the outcomes of the session whose main aim was to articulate the reality of Peruvian rural youth.

Jóvenes revalorando la gastronomía rural

“Hace tiempo que no veía ese plato” – comentan muchos pobladores durante la feria de la agrobiodiversidad “Sabores y saberes andinos” a la que, como representante de YPARD Perú, fui invitada a formar parte del jurado del concurso gastronómico organizado por un grupo de jóvenes que forman parte de YPARD.

Une année plein d’espoir en YPARD DRC

Le samedi 12 aout 2018, a été une journée spéciale pour YPARD RDC ; 22 membres dont 6 femmes ont pris part à Kinshasa, dans le local d’Habari RDC, où ils ont évalué les activités menées au cours du premier semestre 2018.

YPARD Nepal participates in campaigning for conservation workshop

Subash Belbase, a YPARD Nepal member, shares his experience after participating in the twelve days Campaigning for Conservation (C4C) workshop on the theme; "Farming for Bio-diversity".

YPARD Serbia: Creating partnerships to better the position of young farmers 

In early August, the biggest humanitarian foundation in Serbia “ Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation ” formed a partnership with YPARD Serbia with the common aim of improving the position of the young farmer ’s in the country.

Restoring hope through the landscape and making restoration possible

YPARD Africa lead, Kofi Acquaye, took part in the recent Global Landscapes Forum event in Nairobi and shares the outcomes which at the core seeks to restore the livelihoods of their people and communities and give them a compelling reason to return with pride to their homes.


Abstract book: 8th National Conference on Food Science and Technology

YPARD Nepal was the communication partner for the  8th National Conference on Food Science and Technology held in Kathmandu from 22- 23 June 2018 . The event was organized by Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association and co-organized by CAFODAT, Central Campus of Technology and Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC).