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YPARD Monthly Newsletter - October

The #GFRASAPEN2017 youth in Rural Advisory Services special edition! 

After the epic moments spent in Cameroon at Limbe, the “Town of Friendship” last year, the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) decided to hold this year’s International Conference of the Australia-Pacific Extension Network (APEN), GFRASAPEN at Ingham, the “Town of Hospitality”. YPARD members had a chance to attend and here is their report on the meeting discussions. 

YPARD members and the youth working group at the Global Forum on Rural Advisory Services

Read Jim Cano's commentary from the recent Steering Committee of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) and especially the proposal to create the Youth Working Group that will work closely with GFRAS and Regional Rural Advisory Services (RAS) Networks. 

Make agriculture ‘cool’ to the youth: The 8th GFRAS annual meeting

Read Mahesh Chander of ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute commentary on the 8th Annual Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services meeting.

Are young professionals ready to engage in Agricultural Innovation Systems?

The YPARD director, Courtney Paisley, shares insights on youth and Agricultural Innovation Systems in line with the recently concluded 5th Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) partners assembly in Laos Thailand. 

Welcoming the new YPARD Albania representative: Bledar Meta


Call for abstracts: YPARD Student Research Symposium, Nepal

Call for participation to the e-Forum sustaining the impact of capacity development initiatives for African youth in agriculture


YPARD Nigeria: Motivating the youth for agricultural transformation

Young people want to be part of the policy discussion, programme development, implementation, working groups and dialogues that produce best practices and sustainable solutions to emerging global issues. YPARD Nigeria recently held a national summit and reports on the same. 

YPARD Albania: Introducing YPARD Europe in Albania

With the efforts to bring YPARD representative office in Albania, YPARD Europe team and Bledar Meta the newly selected YPARD Albania country representative organized an event to introduce the YPARD platform in Albania through an interactive presentation.  

YPARD Sweden: Climate change, food security and low employment

YPARD Sweden representative was invited to present and host the poster session at Agri4D 2017, held in Uppsala, Sweden on 20th and 21st September 2017. The conference revolved around the theme of Rural Transformation and Urbanization and is a collaboration between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). 

YPARD Burkina Faso: Débat YPARD Café: La production d’oignon, une chaine d’opportunité

YPARD Burkina Faso en partenariat avec l’Agence pour la Promotion de la Petite et Moyenne Entreprise / Agriculture et Artisanat (APME2A), a tenu une conférence publique dénommé débat YPARD Café numéro 1, au profit des jeunes à Ouagadougou. Le thème de la conférence a porté sur : la chaine de valeur oignon, quelles opportunités pour les jeunes. C’était le 19 août à Ouagadougou.

YPARD Nigeria: Equipping leaders for agriculture

Read more on the YPARD Nigeria Grooming Leaders for Agriculture mentorship Program that seeks to provide mentorship,  capacity building and training to young people in Nigeria. 

YPARD Togo: Forum des Jeunes Entrepreneurs et Professionnels Agricoles des Plateaux

Dans le cadre de ces activités, Ypard Togo a tenu à Atakpamé dans la région des plateaux un Forum sur le thème : Forum des Jeunes Entrepreneurs et Professionnels Agricoles des Plateaux (FOJEPAP) du 18 au 19 Août 2017. Ce forum qui coïncidait avec la deuxième édition de la foire alimentaire du grand Ogou a été coorganisé avec la société Agris Focus, intervenant dans le secteur Agricole dans la région.

YPARD Nigeria: Leveraging on social media to promote agriculture

Read more on the recent social media training that YPARD Nigeria organized to empower its chapter members in utilizing the power of the networks to scale up their agribusinesses.


YPARD external review 2017


Easier said than done: Gender equality and women empowerment

This testimonial by Mariola Acosta is part of YPARD's showcase on young people and the Sustainable Development Goals especially with a focus on SDG 5 - gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.