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YPARD Newsletter September 2019 - May 2020

After taking some time for restructuring and reorganizing itself, YPARD is back with its newsletter, covering some of the many activities that took place between September 2019 and May 2020. From now on, you can expect to receive these bulletins monthly. We hope you enjoy the reading! 

GFRAS and YPARD: The dawn of a strategic alliance

There is no question the current global food system is under ever-growing pressure which means meeting the foundation SDGs - SDG 1 and 2 on poverty and hunger - are challenged. YPARD and GFRAS believe that combining efforts can yield better results. While both organizations will continue to serve their constituencies - respectively extensionists in rural advisory services (RAS), and young professionals in all areas of agriculture - combining efforts at the global level will enhance their ability to address global food security issues and work towards the SDGs.


COVID-19, lockdown and food safety

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many questions were raised, such as  ‘’What is the risk of COVID-19 infection from food products?’’ ‘’As a food business operator, can I ask for guarantees from my suppliers regarding COVID-19?’’, and ‘’Is the agri-food industry taking measures to avoid the contamination of the food they produce or distribute?’’ to mention a few.  Has the EU commission answered all these questions for food safety? This blog piece elaborates on the scarcity of food for the first 2 months in the Czech Republic due to panic shopping.

COVID-19's web of neglect: the case of the waste pickers

Although they have been working towards sustainability before it was trending, waste pickers remain some of the most widely excluded people on the planet. The result of decades of marginalising by societies is revealed very plainly during this global pandemic. How to protect this category of people during times of crisis?

On COVID-19 and food security: A Brazilian youth’s perspective

Despite being one of the biggest food producers in the world, Brazil is a country with major social inequalities, political instability and a large food-insecure population. Within this context, many are the challenges and complex issues posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. How does the current situation force us to reconsider the way we produce and consume food?

Highlights of Webinarthon: Stay home learn more

The government of Nepal initiated a nationwide lockdown on March 24 as a preventive measure during the Corona Virus outbreak. The duration of lockdown is uncertain and hampered day-to-day activities like study, work and more. To ease some of those frustrations and foster knowledge and information exchange, YPARD Nepal, CliMates Nepal, IAAS Nepal and IVSA Nepal organized a webinar series on different fields like veterinary, agriculture, food science and forestry by many dignified and respective personage in the respective field.


Welcoming YPARD Peru country representative: Marcelita Ponce de León

Marcelita is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomic Engineering from the National Agrarian University La Molina. She began her professional career as an intern in government programs. In her words, the "YPARD Peruvian Chapter allows me to be part of a community of young change-makers whose work intends to lead processes in which young people from rural communities are the protagonists”.

Welcoming YPARD communications coordinator: Ingrid Oliveira

Ingrid is a graduate with a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation from the University of Basel, in Switzerland, and a bachelor’s in law from Universidade Federal de Sergipe, in Brazil. As GFRAS and YPARD develop a closer partnership, she joins the YPARD ranks to support closer communication between the two networks, and combine efforts to enhance their ability to address global food security issues and work towards the SDGs.

Welcoming the new YPARD Steering Committee Chair: Marina Cherbonnier

We are delighted to announce Marina Cherbonnier as the newly elected YPARD Steering Committee Chair. Marina is an international network and community engagement specialist with extended experience in agricultural-related development. She stressed that in a time of COVID-19 and climate crisis,  YPARD’s international network of young professionals for sustainable food systems and the way it works is what the world needs!

Welcoming a new YPARD Steering Committee member: Jorrit Kiewik

Jorrit Kiewik is the newest add-on to the YPARD Steering Committee team. He is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Entrepreneurship and is finalizing his master’s program in Communication, Health & Life Sciences at Wageningen University. Jorrit hopes that "in the near future, the youth are no longer held back by the current generation in the decisions that are made with regards to the future, but in strong collaboration.”


YPARD: a youth movement experience for sustainable food systems?

How do you differentiate a movement from a community? How are “movement building” and advocacy connected? How do you establish and sustain a movement? To address these questions, the YPARD Representative for Uganda, Paul Zaake, and Marina Cherbonnier were invited to deliver a guest lecture to a Bachelor students class in International Development Management, from the Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences. 

Digital forum: Sharing the YPARD perspective

Laureene Reeves Ndagire, a member of YPARD Uganda has been listed as one of the speakers for the IFOAM – Organics International and the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)’s Digital Forum: Food without Farmers. In the context of tackling the world’s current unsustainable agricultural model, the digital forum was set to discuss the perceived implications of the trend toward lab-grown food on smallholder farmers. 

Call for applicants - YPARD country representatives for LAC region

YPARD Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is seeking young, innovative and fresh spirited professionals to take on the role of a Country Representatives (CR) and continue its work on enabling and empowering young agricultural leaders shaping sustainable food systems. Being a CR is a unique opportunity for you to be more active with fellow young professionals in agricultural and related fields in the LAC region as well as with the global YPARD network. This call has been extended.

Expanding horizons and knowledge sharing - my Fulbright experience

Fulbright has been operating as a successful program for many decades, it may sound familiar to many, worldwide. In this blog post, Mónika Varga shares her personal experiences with the YPARD community, in the hope that some will be encouraged to apply. 

YPARD Bangladesh shines at Nutrition Olympiad 2019

Nutrition Olympiad is an annual national event where youth can get an opportunity to share their experiences to promote healthy diets and nutrition through innovative activities. They can also express their concerns and challenges related to nutrition and seek actionable solutions as well as build networks. Here's how the event and YPARD's participation happened in 2019.


YPARD's Africa Diary

YPARD Africa shares its reflections on the year 2019, one that came with great a pack of diverse experiences for its members. As the curtain has been drawn on the year 2019, a walk down memory lane gives a clear picture of the goings-on in YPARD Africa upon which the prospects of the new year will be built.