Impact of youth in Agriculture

Fisnik and his stramberriesAs a young expert for Agriculture I am very interesting to participate in this event, it will be for me also useful to meet there youth and experts from different countries and share knowledge about innovation and agriculture. In this event I would have chance to or to show my ideas about our projects or events as youth and as member of YPARD which can be very useful for our future.

I think as member of YPARD Kosovo too, it is good opportunity to meet and to know other YPARD members from different countries to talk about our business and our future plans in agriculture and how to make it sustainable and to develop rural areas, so we need to bring ideas in these issue "Together as Youth, We can change for a better future".

A little bit about me now, so I am was born 13.04.1988, Kosovo. I have finished my Bachelor degree at Faculty of Agriculture in Agroeconomy in 2010. And in 2012 finally I have started my Master course in Hungary at Szent Istvan University where I am graduated MSc in Rural Development and Agribusiness.

During my study in Hungary I got many experiences in the field of Agribusiness, meeting with Hungarian farmers and also I have participated in many conferences, I can highlight my participation in the “Global Forum and Expo on Family Farming” in Budapest, March 2014 as organizer and exhibitor. So if you would like to study and enjoy your life go to HungaryJ!

Sweet is coming! In 2013 I became part of Young Professionals for Agricultural Development of Kosovo (YPARD Kosovo) and thank to YPARD I had chance to participate in congress held in Milan under the title “Rural Communities: No Longer Left Behind. Rural and Regional Development in the South and North Mediterranean and the New Neighborhood Policy” where I could meet many people from different countries. And also I share my knowledge with young farmers, giving them information about any projects relating to agriculture area, this makes me so happy.

Since October 2015 I am working as teaching assistant in Faculty of Agriculture, department of Agricultural Economics at University of Prishtina, Kosovo. 

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