Building Capacities in agriculture based on needs - GCARD2 Pre-Conference workshop

Taking stock of lessons learned and support bottom-up coordinationA workshop organized by AGRINATURA and EFARD in collaboration with YPARD, FARA, GCHERA and GFRAS.At GCARD 2010, participants called for the Capacities Montpellier Action Plan (CAPMAP), a massiveeffort for revitalizing professional and research capacities in agriculture. The lack of investments in thissector was seen as one reason to explain a gradual ageing of qualified human resources in mostinstitutions. But even more, inadequate institutional policies in many Universities and centres ofknowledge are responsible for poor connections between the training institutions and the “real world”where NGOs, CSOs and the private sector have become the main users of the skills, competences andknowledge produced. In fact, the food crisis demonstrates importance of Tertiary Agriculture Education(TAE) and the need to strengthen human capacities in order to solve agricultural challenges.CAPMAP called for re-shaping TAE in order to help agricultural science graduates to be critical thinkers,multi-disciplinary problem solvers and team players who are also “work ready”. Training has toincorporate the challenges of producing quality graduates, while increasing their efficiency, relevance andeffectiveness in responding to societal needs such as hunger eradication, food security, poverty reductionand agribusiness expansion.Since then, in the period two years 2010-2012, progress has been made to support the definition andimplementation of actions in the framework defined two years ago.
  • The Kampala Ministerial Conference in Higher Education In Agriculture in Africa (November 2010) and its final declaration.
  • Global Conference on Higher Education and Research in Agriculture (GCHERA) in Beauvais, June 2011, and its preconference workshop, co-organised by EFARD, FARA and GFAR.
  • Agrinatura’s review of Capacity Development in Agricultural Research for Development commissioned by EIARD (December 2011).
  • Various meetings for the preparation of the Tertiary Agricultural Education Mechanism (TEAM Africa) in Ås (Norway, Oct 2011), Washington (December 2011), Ouagadougou (October 2011), Wageningen (March 2012), Accra and Ouagadougou again (spring 2012) to design the TEAM Africa programme.
  • YPARD study : “Working towards a new generation of Young Professionals in ARD”, March 2012 and its conclusions on skills and competences needed;
  • Preparation under the auspices of GlobalHort of a global participatory assessment of higher education in horticulture in Africa (Sukuze, January 2012 and Angers, June 2012).
  • Preparation, in the meantime of the formal creation of GCHERA as the Confederation of Tertiary Agricultural Education regional organisations.
GCARD 2 is an important milestone to review the current state of the art and to organise stakeholders foran increased effort – and even more coordinated - to building capacities in agriculture, while reformingthe institutions to increase the relevance and the impact of TAE with regard to the stakeholders’ economic needs on the ground.Look at the full agenda of the workshop: "Building Capacities in agriculture based on needs. This session is open; you are welcome to join!14h 00– 18h 30Location : CONRAD RESORT & CASINO, Room AParada 4 - Playa Mansa (20100) Punta del Este, Uruguay