Emerging leaders conference-empowering youth to shape Africa’s future

The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is designed for young people and offers discussions, lectures, and training on topics relevant to ongoing international policy debates. The Emerging Leaders Conference happens every year in the following regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America. Each WYA Region holds a local ELC.

In Africa, the Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is an annual event that brings together young people from across Africa to interact with leaders and policy makers on current global issues. The 2015 Africa Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) is the sixth to be organised by World Youth Alliance Africa.

Africa’s youth make up more than 75% of Africa’s population. The youth are the future of Africa and they need to rise up and take charge of societies around them, taking active part in the life of society. They need to be empowered in education that directly develops the best in them, ethics, and skills in order to flourish and reach their full potential, and thereby guarantee free and just societies.

As such, this year’s theme for ELC is Empowering Youth to Shape Africa’s Future. Youth aged between 16 -30 years from Africa are invited .The application must be done through completing an online application form.

For more, World Youth Alliance Africa.

Emerging Leaders Conference-Empowering youth to shape Africa’s future