YPARD Zambia is strenghtening its network !

YPARD Zambia is currently working on mapping people and institutions in ARD in Zambia in order to get stakeholders share and work together. In this purpose, Simon, YPARD Zambia representative, created a Dgroup : « Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research for Development – ZAMBIA » which can be accessed at . The platform accommodates discussions amoung hundreds of members. To join the Dgroup, a person has to click on the link above and register with for them to be able to access the YPARD Zambia group. Or they can send an email to with subject ‘request to join’. Furthermore, a Repository : « Young Professionals Platform for Agricultural Research for Development-Zambia » can be accessed at . The platform is meant to be a portal for knowledge and information sharing and exchange on various youth in ARD issues among local members, for discussions to facilitate the identification and collaborative handling of various topics, make resolutions, review group actions, and other knowledge sharing activities. This provides also an opportunity to local young professionals in ARD to have access to tools for effective knowledge and information sharing that will enhance their collaboration and improve their involvement in ARD. Local YPARD members and stakeholders can document activities, projects and resources as well as geo-location of ARD initiatives in Zambia in a central open platform accessible not only to Zambians but to the global development community. Resources would include PDF files, video clips, word documents, photos of various ARD initiatives. These will be tagged with meta data entered to make searching easier. This presents an opportunity for YPARD members and stakeholders to share with other like-minded initiatives and the global community at large at no cost, and with their content openly accessed. This is an open repository and anyone can view the details of the repository such as the description, activities, resources , projects. You however would need to register with share4dev knowledge base for you to use certain resources. Some of the most important features include a profile for each member, a calendar that helps the local members to keep track of local events, a task manager that helps members to manage tasks within the team and keep track of the progress of such tasks, a library that provides a tool for members to share information resources in different file formats as well as important links. To the advantage of all, this platform enables members to use RSS feeds for the platform, and also be able to launch a discussion or contribute to a discussion through email. Various things discussed on this platform will be summed up and shared with the YPARD global community. YPARD Zambia is particularly keen on building up a strong local working group and strenghten capacity building opportunities in knowledge sharing and exchange. Therefore, efforts are focused on identifying Agricultural Research Institutions, Training Institutions that provides General Agriculture and Agricultural Research or related programs, and other ARD stakeholders, in order to work together on that purpose. Dgroups provides tools for facilitating frequent and fruitful knowledge and information sharing to strengthen these strucutures and their partnership.