B.creative challenge 2017

b.creative challengeb.creative facilitates the convergence of various artistic and creative competencestechnical, scientific and entrepreneurial skills in order to generate social and economic innovation. The event aims to influence policy makers and involve citizens to ensure that creative ideas permeate societal development.

b.creative addresses several issues:

  • The power of creativity in shaping tomorrow’s social and economic innovation
  • The role of policies in enabling creative entrepreneurs to create wealth
  • The contribution of creative entrepreneurs to urban living and social cohesion
  • How to reconcile wealth creation with sustainability
  • The promotion of intercultural exchanges and cross-disciplinary activities

Challenge 2017

b.creative is pleased to invite artists, cultural and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world to take part in the b.creative challenge 2017.

The aim of the b.creative challenge is to foster new ideas in an international endeavour to better handle issues like: growing poverty rates, social cohesion, access to education and digital literacy, mental and physical wellbeing, transport and people’s mobility, new food and sustainable agriculture, climate change and environmental protection.

The competition focuses on interdisciplinary and international collaborations between professionals in creative fields like: visual arts, advertising, architecture, crafts, design, fashion, film and video, gastronomy, publishing, radio and television, computer games, performing arts, with the aim to explore the potential of arts and creative entrepreneurship in fostering social and economic innovation.


  • 3-month rent-free incubation in Shenzhen within the programme Soft Landing in China offered by Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Space
  • 5 days incubation programme offered by Creatis Brussels, the newly established creative incubator supported by ING and KissKissBankBank. The programme equally includes 4 nights accommodation
  • Participation in the Global Cultural Leadership Programme 2018 edition, organised by the Cultural Diplomacy Platform
  • Money award offered by KEA European Affairs
  • 2 return tickets and accommodation to present the project at the next b.creative event which will take place in Shenzhen, China between 15 and 17 December 2017
  • Media exposure through different networks of creative entrepreneurs such as Creative Tracks, b.creative, Creative Europe or Creative Hubs.

Rules and regulations

  • Artists and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world, under 40 and from the specified fields are allowed to participate
  • The official language of the competition is English. All applications must be submitted in English
  • Contacting any member of the jury is prohibited
  • KEA, the organiser of the competition, has the right to modify the timeline
  • Project ideas can be maximum 5 years older and they must have never been shown before in similar competitions
  • Applications which do not contain all required documents and media files and do not respect the structure will be disqualified
  • Participation implies acceptance of the rules and regulations


  • 28th April 2017: Closing of the application process
  • 29th April - 20 May 2017: 10 competing projects will be shortlisted
  • 1st July 2017: Announcement of the winning application
  • 15th December 2017: Presentation of the winning project at b.creative 2017


Text document: A project proposal written in English of max. 5000 words which should include:

  • Project’s name
  • A description of the idea
  • The rationale behind the idea
  • Cross-sectorial aspects
  • Target audiences
  • Key activities
  • Key resources / partners
  • A financial plan

Video and Photo

  • A video not longer than 2:30 minutes of a max. size of 500 Mb which should visually describe the project’s idea
  • A ‘cover’ photo which best describes your project

Team Members' Biographies

Team members’ biographies must be included for each person participating. Each biography should include:

  • A short member’s background description
  • Member’s profession and current activity / organisation
  • Member’s email address
  • The country where the person is based

Everything should be included in a zip file and sent to via, with the mention ‘Application for the b.creative challenge’ by 28 April 2017. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of the submission of your entry.

Picture credit: b.creative challenge

For more details visit here the b.creative challenge website.