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Who we are

YPARD is an international movement by Young Professionals FOR Young Professionals for Agricultural Development. YPARD operates as a network; it is not a formalized institution.

At the heart of YPARD as a movement are its members, who are encouraged to become active in their area, spread the news about YPARD to other young professionals, encourage a stronger voice of youth in their own organizations and share their views and ideas with other young professionals in the network.

This global on-line and off-line communication and discussion platform is meant to enable and empower young agricultural leaders around the world to shape sustainable food systems.


A food secure world without poverty where young people are enabled to fully contribute


Enabled and empowered young agricultural leaders shaping sustainable food systems.


  • Teamwork: We create and nurture opportunities to unleash the potential of working together well
  • Respect: We celebrate and harness diverse opinions, ideas and perspectives
  • Sharing: We openly share what we have, recognizing it benefits us all
  • Love: We care and support each other and the planet

Strategic Aims

  • To ensure long term sustainability of YPARD
  • To be a key influencer in the strategic direction of youth engagement in sustainable food systems
  • To enable young people in agriculture shape sustainable food systems

  • To be an innovative and supportive global team


  • April 2005, EFARD in Zurich, Switzerland:  a small group of young scientists observes that an important policy debate was taking place, but with very little involvement of young scientists and decides to take action
  • July 2005, Rome, Italy: meeting between the group of young professionals and representatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), Bioversity International and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
  • December 2005, Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), Marrakech, Morocco : side event - roundtable with the topic: “How to Increase Young People's Involvement in Agricultural Research for Development (ARD)?”
  • March-June 2006, Bern, Switzerland:  meeting with SDC; initial funding proposal discussed and signed.
  • May-July 2006, Wageningen, The Netherlands & Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany: formulation of the vision, mission, objectives, governance structure and short and long-term activities for the platform and preparations for the official launch of YPARD.
  • 8th of November 2006, triennial conference of the GFAR, in New Delhi, India:  the Young Professional’s Platform for Agricultural Research for Development is officially launched during a side event
  • October 2008: First YPARD Charter created and validated by the official Steering Committee
  • 2009: First Business Planning workshop held
  • 2010: Creation of YPARD Asia and Africa regional units
  • 2011: Creation of the YPARD Latin America and the Carribean Regional Unit; Baseline study on mentoring and the launch of the pilot peer to peer mentoring program; YPARD representative elected to the executive council of FORAGRO
  • 2012: Release of a study on "Working towards a generation of new professionals in ARD" with skills and competencies needed by Young People in ARD; Creation of YPARD Europe Unit; Launching of the YPARD website; GCARD2 (The creation of youth sessions and the YPARD Social Media Team; YPARD representative elected to the steering committee of EFARD .
  • 2013: Partnership of YPARD in the Youth in Landscapes Project at the Global Landscapes Forum; YPARD representative elected to the GFAR steering committee; YPARD joins the GAP (Gender in Agriculture Partnership) TAP( Tropical Agriculture Platform) and the Foresight Hub.
  • 2014: YPARD changes its name and logo; 2014-2018 Business Plan developed; Contribution to the CGIAR's Dryland Systems research program (CRPs youth strategy, the first youth strategy among the CRPs) 
  • 2015: Launch of the YPARD pilot mentoring program
  • 2016: YPARD 10 year anniversary
  • 2018: YPARD strategic plan 2018 -2021 developed in Prague.
  • 2019: YPARD Charter revised

Team members

Country Representatives
Jean Claude Ndayambaje
Rwanda Representative
Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam
Bangladesh Representative
Msekiwa Matsimbe
Malawi Representative
Cameroon Representative
Beth Timmers
Canada Representative
Raymond Zvavanyange Erick
Zimbabwe Representative
Ibrahim Sidibe
Mali Representative
Toan Pham Duc
Vietnam Representative
Yashpal Saharawat Singh
India Representative
Simon Wandila Kamukwape
Zambia Representative
Burundi Representative
Mohammadreza Davari
Iran Representative
Seher Gumus
Turkey Representative
Sitora Khabibova
Uzbekistan Representative
Assem Abu Hatab Reda
Egypt Representative
Ado Woldu G.
Ethiopia Representative
Fr Thoto Sourou
Benin Representative
Sokhna Gaye Rokhaya
Senegal Representative
Meerim Shakirova
Kyrgyztan Representative
Mohamed Sippo Morie
Sierra Leone Representative
Enricka Julien
Trinidad and Tobago Representative
Davit Gogilashvili
Georgia Representative
Malala Rakotojaofeno Onisoa
Madagascar representative
Zrinka Dermit Filipovic
Croatia Representative
Ibrahima Youla Sory
Guinea Representative
Yana Perevoshchikova Vladimirovna
Russia Representative
Juma Ngomuo Bruno
Tanzania Representative
Aung Tun Oo
Myanmar Representative
Kristina Kuznetsova
Ukraine Representative
Minata Coulibaly
Burkina Faso Representative
Shahla Salahuddin
Pakistan Representative
Kafui Agbe Kwesi
Ghana Representative
Abhishek Khadka
Nepal Representative
Muhammad Firdaus Iqbal
Indonesia Representative
M Varga
Hungary Representative
Hana Voca
Kosovo Representative
Wasseh Gbete Emefa Germaine
Togo Representative
Mirjana Ribic
Bosnia and Herzegovina Representative
DRC Representative
Ingrid Flink
Netherlands Representative
Virginia Cravero Maria
Italy Representative
Victor Suarez Villanueva
Spain Representative
Zaake Paul
Uganda Representative
Jhannel Tomlinson Chloe
Jamaica Representative
Malak Tleis
Lebanon Representative
Eric Nyikwagh Terver
Nigeria Representative
Anna Hovhannisyan
Armenia Representative
Haddy Ceesay M.
Gambia representative
Anudari Enkhtur
Mongolia Representative
Togo Representative
Ramona Ciubotaru Mihaela
Romania Representative
Phidel Arunga Hazel
Kenya Representative
Sunil Abeyasekera
Sweden Representative
Marcelita Ponce de León
Peru representative
Bledar Meta
Albania Representative
Ratana Oeurn
Cambodia Representative
Hika Joseph
Solomon Islands Representative
Julijana El Omari
Serbia Representative
Cristina Conea
Moldova Representative
Tshiamo Dichabe
South Africa Representative
Caroline Otto
Switzerland Representative
Marnie Pannatier
Switzerland Representative
Gcina Dlamini Petros
Eswatini Representative
Bevon Charles Chadel
Country Representative Grenada
Horacio Rodr
Mexico Representative
Colombia Representative
Manuela Gil
Costa Rica Representative
Regional Coordinators
Jieying Bi
Asia and Pacific Coordinator
Pippo Topolinia Yep
Libu Mercl
Europe Coordinator
Kofi Acquaye Kisiedu
Africa Coordinator
Steering Committee
Marina Cherbonnier
Steering Committee Member
Keron Bascombe
Steering Committee Member
Jim Leandro Cano Pil
Steering Committee Member
Sithembile Mwamakamba Ndema
Steering Committee Member
Jorrit Kiewik
Steering Committee Member
Marina Demaria Venancio
Steering Committee Member
Lako Stephane Mbouendeu
Steering Committee Member
Sebastian Pedraza Paez
Steering Committee Chair
Global Coordination Unit
Genna Tesdall
Pius Hiwe
Digital Communication Officer
Ingrid Oliveira
Communications Coordinator
Glindys Virginia Luciano
Network Engagement Coordinator