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What we do

Exchange of information and connecting people
  • Developing e-services for information dissemination and networking through YPARD website. Information provision relates to funding, jobs, events, news, resources for and about young professionals in Agricultural Development.

It also includes monthly newsletters, funding news bulletin twice a month and selectively disseminated announcements.

Organisation and active participation to thematic, political and strategical meetings and debates

Participating actively in various meetings including thematic, strategic and policy debates – on-line and off-line. As for example:

YPARD organises online events like special series of blog posts, e-discussions, picture and video contests, etc.

Express, share and discuss your views, knowledge and ideas on youth and agriculture with YPARD community!

  • launch a discussion or contribute to existing debates on the forum and/or
  • create a blog post: a dedicated place where you can share any information and thoughts you think valuable for YPARD community

YPARD participates to key events in Agricultural Development in order to give a voice to the youth and bring on table youth specific issues.

Promote agriculture among young people
  • Study and Support for the development of adapted curricula
  • Awareness campaigns
Organizing and strengthening local bases of YPARD members in selected regions

Workshop and trainings
Finding grants and cooperating with regional actors leading to long term sustainability of activities. YPARD, for example, partners in organizing workshops and commission a number of studies for further capacity building actions.

YPARD initiates and coordinates studies, in order to implement activities adapted to needs of capacity building.

  • Cartography of youth organizations
  • Study on young professionals' profile in the 21st century