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Future Food Farmers Project

Future Food Farmers Project was a Europe-wide campaign aimed at raising public and political awareness of the impending crisis in European agriculture due to the ageing farm population. This campaign called for generational renewal in the farming sector to be a priority of the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), in order to secure Europe’s future, food and farmers.

The Future Food Farmers campaign took the form of a pledge to sign online, on the campaign's website. All European and national stakeholders in the food and forestry sector, consumers, politicians, socio-professional organisations and the general public were invited to sign the pledge. The goal was to reach half of the European Parliament and at least 10 stakeholder organisations per Member States (farmers' organisations, consumers, industry, retail, traders, Environmental NGOs', machinery industry, banking sector).

Written and video information as well as personal stories from young farmers gave "Future Food Farmers" the particular personal and engaging touch. Based on a relatively small budget, the campaign increased its impact very efficiently through a mix of online and traditional communication tools combined with the outreach of CEJA's existing networks across the European Union.

Learn more about CEJA (European Council of Young Farmers).