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GFAR Talks VIII: An agroecological transformation requires a paradigm shift in agricultural research

A globalized food system that relies on a small number of staple crops grown as monocultures is unsustainable if we want to nourish more people on a hotter planet. Many alternatives to business-as-usual have been proposed.
But what do terms like `Agroecology’ and `Regenerative Agriculture’ actually mean and what are the similarities and differences between them?
In this GFAR Talk, two eminent speakers will explore how research, that has so far focused on mainstream crops grown as monocultures, requires a paradigm shift if we are to transform the agrifood system.

Learn more about the event here.

Date and Time: 22 November, 2023; 13.00-14.00 CET

You can register for the online event here

About GFAR Talks Series:
GFAR Talks is an exciting new webinar series, which puts farmers centre stage and uses GFAR’s global platform to hold informed debates on issues of interest to platform members and hence based also on the expression of their priorities that are related to agrifood system transformation. 

YPARD acts as a partner in this series to ensure that young women and men are represented, that their views are heard. Youth representatives will be invited to contribute to the webinars as participants, experts, moderators or panellists.