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From the Ground Up: community organizing in practice

Zoom event | 22 February 2024 | 3.00-4.30pm CET

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About the event

The upcoming installment of the YPARD Global Cafe Series delves into the vital realm of community organizing within food systems. When individuals unite to address specific needs within a region, the collective voice of the community becomes a catalyst for tangible action. While community organizing is a timeless practice, its impact transcends geographical boundaries. This webinar underscores the pivotal role that cohesive groups can play in reshaping narratives, influencing policies at local and national levels, fostering community resilience, and beyond.

Join us for an insightful session where experts and members from the YPARD community share their experience in community organizing. Through real-world examples, they will showcase the transformative power of collective action and provide practical insights for replicating these efforts in your own community.


About YPARD Global Cafes

A YPARD Global Cafe is a virtual/hybrid space of experience sharing and knowledge exchange among young practitioners in the agriculture and food systems sector. Contrary to regular webinars, a YPARD Global cafe is meant for speakers, presenters, and participants to engage in dialogues and discussions. 

Please note: 
We will be issuing ‘YPARD Knowledge Certification: Leadership and Project Management’ Certificates to all participants who attend at least 9 out of the 12 webinars held throughout this year. 


Learn more about YPARD Global Cafes here.