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Youth for youth with IAAS Novi Sad and YPARD Serbia

YPARD Serbia has opened one more chapter!

This time we made a partnership with IAAS Serbia (section in Novi Sad, north Serbia). This old but at the same time young organization exists in Serbia over many years and it deals with creating familiarity between students agricultural and similar sciences from all around the world, increasing the level of understanding between them, encouraging knowledge exchange in all agricultural fields, theory and practice. To do so, they organize all sort of seminars, conferences, study camps, international meetings, exchange programs, etc.

IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences) is the biggest student organization in the field of agriculture and related sciences worldwide. IAAS was founded around 60 years ago and now gathers over 50 member countries and about 10 000 students as members. Serbia became member 1962.

After a long pause, IAAS Novi Sad has started its traffic again with a new president Ivan Buzarski, a student of the second year of Phytomedicine at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad. During 45 minutes of constructive conversation, we discussed young farmers in Serbia, young students, and professionals in agriculture, future activities of IAAS and how YPARD Serbia can make an impact with its ideas.

First of all, we agreed about YPARD’s participation in next year seminars. The seminars will focus on exchanging ideas between students in Serbia and from countries all over the world and more likely there will be an exchange program that YPARD Serbia can also participate in.

Until then, we will work together to boost the visibility of both youth-led agricultural platforms. IAAS Novi Sad members who are also farmers will share their thoughts and professional advice about agricultural production of vegetables, fruits, and other agriculture-related topics. These will be available to young farmers and YPARD Serbia members through texts on the blog created at the beginning of 2018 as well as on the YPARD Platform at

Through this activity, we will have young professionals in agriculture helping young farmers in making their products better, easier and increased, as well as problems with farm or animals or plants solved. This project will be all about “youth for youth in agriculture” which is what YPARD is all about, and especially YPARD Serbia.

Further actions and projects are yet to be discussed.

Picture credit: 1-Stacy Hammond, 2-4 - IAAS

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