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Welcoming our Communications and Membership Coordinator Trisha Mandal

It is a huge pleasure to welcome Ms. Trisha Mandal as the Communications and Membership Coordinator for the Global Coordinating Unit at YPARD.


Trisha hails from a small town in West Bengal, India, and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. In a family where both her parents are professors, Trisha grew up surrounded by books and libraries, and eventually decided to pursue Literature after passing out of school. She has a background in English Literature, Journalism and Media Studies. After completing a Bachelor’s in English Honours from Calcutta University, Trisha moved to Berlin for an MA at Humboldt University, Berlin. During her Master’s in Europe, she worked as a Project intern in Deveron Projects, an arts organization based in the rural town of Huntly, Scotland. At Deveron Projects, Trisha was deeply involved in community projects curated along with international artists. Her time in Huntly motivated her to complete a Master’s thesis on the topic of ‘What does it mean to be an Artist?’, a qualitative socio-cultural research on the exceptional relationship between fine arts and financial sustainability. 


During the last few years, Trisha worked in Content and Communications Management in various capacities in Berlin. This enabled her to gain in-depth, practical experience in building communications strategies and sharing compelling narratives on interdisciplinary topics. 


Coming from India, where farming and agriculture has significant historical and contemporary importance, makes Trisha passionate about delving into and amplifying stories about young professionals in the food systems sector. She joins YPARD with the vision of showcasing the extraordinary stories of young leaders in this field, and promoting the exemplary work they are doing to shape a sustainable future.