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Urban Agriculture Workshop_YPARD China


With the process of urbanization, the majority of the population lives or will live in urban areas. Making full use of small areas (e.g., vacant plots, gardens, verges, balconies, containers) within the city for agricultural activities is beneficial to improve the adaptation and resilience of agrifood systems in response to climate change. In the context of current climate emergency, urban agriculture can contribute to the sustainable food systems transformation. Cultivating food plants in urban areas not only holds potential for alleviating pressure on food supply but also can release oxygen while removing carbon dioxide and storing it into the soil to achieve carbon sequestration.

YPARD China, Good Food Fund, La Fresque de l'Alimentation, Paris2050workshop in CN co-organized an urban agriculture training workshop with funding support from China Youth Climate Action Network to promote urban agriculture among young people. This workshop aimed to equip urban youth with practical knowledge on conducting agricultural activities and familiarize them with the importance of urban agriculture in mitigating climate change and building sustainable agrifood systems.

We hope that these urban agriculture practices undertaken by youth can strengthen community connectivity and generate collective values in the local communities through outdoor enjoyment, social empowerment, and food-environment experiences, propelling social movements and making transformative changes. All participants were equipped with knowledge of climate change, urban agriculture, ecosystems along with hands-on experience regarding agricultural operations within city limits.

Additionally, a portion of participants were provided with necessary seeds to initiate their own ventures into practicing urban farming. Following completion of this workshop session, one participant expressed significant improvement in his understanding of both climate change and urban agriculture.