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Welcoming YPARD Haiti New Country Representative: Berthony Saint Fleur

By: Berthony Saint Fleur

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Agronomy Science from the Notre Dame University of Haiti. I am an Agricultural and Environmental young professional, with experience in youth development and empowerment.

I started my career by volunteering with the organization called "Movement of Papaye Peasants (MPP)", supporting and training farmers on sustainable agriculture and raising awareness against climate issues which affect the local food production.

I realized a professional internship in agriculture at Sauchuk Farm in the United States where I was able to deepen my knowledge about greenhouse production, hydroponics, crops, agricultural mechanization, integrated pest control and irrigation.

I recently worked for GreenTrees as a researcher consultant. I developed programs aimed at strengthening the resilience of local farmers and popularizing production techniques related to agroforestry capable of increasing crops productivity and improving the economy and local production. During this project, I also served as a community and agricultural development officer.

I am currently the Manager of the Plant Propagation Center located in the North West of Haiti. I coordinate the production activities of seedlings intended to combat deforestation and also to promote and restore the production of cocoa and coffee crops. I lead reforestation and awareness campaigns on environmental protection, climate change and biodiversity and I promote the enhancement of local production through the development of a more sustainable agriculture system.

I am very passionate about sustainable agriculture, local food production, climate change, biodiversity, gender equity in agriculture and youth development.

Being Haiti's YPARD Country Representative is a very unique and great opportunity for me to build a network that bring together young people who are passionate about Agriculture to effectively engage and contribute to the development as well as the sustainability of our local food system.

What motivates me the most to be a country representative is that through this role I will be able to help young people in agriculture develop new capacities to translate awareness into action and also promote the development of agriculture at the local, national and global level.

I believe that with their creative and innovative mind, young people are able to achieve impressive things by developing technologies and methods in the areas of agriculture, sustainable development, biodiversity and also adaptation and mitigation of climate change that actually represents a big threat to agriculture development and the world food system.

Berthony Saint Fleur

Haiti's YPARD Country Representative

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Abhishek Khadka on Tuesday, 11 October 2022 10:42

Welcome to YPARD Fam Fleur and best wishes for your tenure

Welcome to YPARD Fam Fleur and best wishes for your tenure :)
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