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This blogpost originally appeared on the GFAR Blog.

Going to a foreign country, you always want to be prepared for all possible outcomes. The good, the bad and everything in between. My luggage reflected that. Both the physical and the mental. I had clothing which Eskimos would model as well as those you would wear when the sun seemed to reign supreme. Mentally I was going to make the best out of everything, no matter the outcome.

This post originally appeared on the GFAR blog

I remember the morning I was leaving my home, my child, my dairy farm in our village in India to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa to attend the GCARD3 event. Though I was excited to attend this global event on agriculture–it is my passion to which I have been completely dedicated for the last five years—I  also felt worried and guilty, as I was leaving behind my one and a half year-old who I knew would miss me during my ten days abroad.

The Youth Agri-preneurs Project (YAP), which forms part of the highly anticipated GCARD3 Global Event scheduled to take place in in Johannesburg this week is calling for all stakeholders associated with the conference to work together and involve the young agripreneurs into the dynamics of the conference and assist with achieving some of the programme’s outlined sustainable development goals.

Ready to dive into high-level forums with experts in finance and development?The Global Landscapes Forum wants to hear from you!

The Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case is looking for enthusiastic and engaging students and young professionals to be part of high-level discussions with the top leaders in investment, banking, development and landscapes.

To find out more about the objectives of the event, click here.

Ideal candidates will have an understanding of the key issues along with a keen interest in developing their skills of facilitation, participatory approaches, networking and stakeholder engagement.

Selected applicants will receive a single day tailored training course on effective facilitation and engagement techniques as well as the opportunity to put them into practice at a global event. They will also get the chance to discuss the connection between global funds and local farms with thinkers and practitioners at the forefront of integrated landscape investments.

Applications are limited to university students in their final year of a Bachelor degree or above and young professionals under the age of 30. We are looking for people working or studying in areas related to development studies and/or finance and investment.

The deadline for applications is 24th April 2016.

Visit the Global Landscapes Forum website to apply.